"I never run out of things to be hard on myself about. Its been more comfortable for me to pick on myself than to find the things that I love - or to love myself as I am."   


"But really, women's bodies are so beautiful. We have the power to carry life of another human being! I want to move towards seeing the beauty in each other and in ourselves more easily, more often. I want to step away from all of the comparison and move towards celebrating."


Emily is a dear friend of mine. For my bachelorette party, she threw this amazing night of Fleetwood Mac-listening, girl bonding, happy crying, tarot card reading girl magic. She has this nurturing, mystical thing about her, she embodies all things feminine. She's also quite shy, and shy around her body. It took a bit for her to be comfortable, but then when she was it just exploded into so much joy in her face, from hiding to shining. 


"I love my tattoos and my piercings. They all came from a place of loving myself, and each time I see them, I get a boost of confidence and assurance in who I am."